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Contract Packages
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Contract Package For Actors [$39.95]
Contract Package For Directors [$69.95]
Contract Package For Producers [$99.95]

Artist & Actor Contracts

Extra Release Agreement [$18.95]
Personal Appearance Release Agreement [$18.95]
Personal Appearance Release For Pay Agreement [$18.95]
Talent Attachment Agreement [$29.95]
Talent Use Of Name & Likeness For Pay Agreement [$18.95]

Depiction & Copyright Contracts

Copyright Assignment Agreement [$18.95]
Model Release Form [$18.95]
Illustrator Work-For-Hire Agreement [$18.95]
Still Photo Release Agreement [$18.95]
Use Of Literary Material Release Agreement [$18.95]
Use Of Name Release Agreement [$18.95]
Use Of Trademark or Logo Release Agreement [$18.95]

Director Contracts

Director Deal Memo [$18.95]
Director Inducement Letter [$18.95]

Joint Venture / Partnership Contracts

Assignment of Interest and Release (Expel Member From Partnership) [$18.95]
Confidentiality Agreement [$18.95]
Finders Fee Agreement [$18.95]
General Partnership Agreement [$18.95]
Promissory Note [$18.95]

Merchandise Contracts

Merchandising Agreement [$18.95]
Product Placement Release Agreement [$18.95]

Miscellaneous Contracts

Graphic Design Long Term Agreement [$18.95]
Graphic Design Work-For-Hire [$18.95]
Web Site Design Contract [$18.95]

Music Contracts

Composer Agreement (Film/TV Score) [$18.95]
Composer Agreement (Multimedia/Video Game) [$18.95]
Film Master Use License Agreement [$18.95]
Film Synchronization Agreement [$18.95]
Public Access TV Performance Release Agreement [$18.95]

Production Contracts

Audience Release Form [$18.95]
Film/Tape Footage Release Agreement [$18.95]
Group Release Form [$18.95]
Location Information Sheet [$18.95]
Location Release Agreement [$18.95]

Writer Contracts

Certificate Of Authorship [$18.95]
Writer Deal Memo [$18.95]

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